Whelping and Caesarians

Sooner or later, every experienced breeder encounters whelping problems. We are conditioned to accept, and even to expect problems with certain breeds. Worse yet, we’re told that bitches who deliver by caesarian may reject or even kill their puppies. What a pity for a creature programmed to cherish and protect her offspring with her very […]

Spermatozoa Set New Speed Record

Customs originate because they once served a need. Unfortunately, we may continue to honor tradition because we don’t know there is a better way. The patience (and backs) of a lot of breeders have been strained in efforts to insure conception through the practice of elevating a bitch’s hindquarters. We have long been advised to […]

How To Become A Top Dog Breeder

“The strength of the sire is the power of the dam”. I could use up 50,000 fancy words telling you how to become a top breeder but the whole truth is in that one simple sentence. If this were a textbook, it would lead you through step-by-step lessons designed to build layer upon layer of […]