About Dr Hellmuth Wachtel

A Viennese, near 80 (as at Feb 2005), graduated in agronomy specially animal breeding at the Vienna Agricultral University, working now twenty years as free consultant of the Austrian Kennel Club (ÖKV), member of the Scientific Advisory Board Vienna Schönbrunn Zoo, writer of articles and books on canine issues particularly on dog breeding.

Some Thoughts on the History of Animal Breeding

If in a population there are a lot of deleterious recessive genes, then these genes in a homozygous state will work havoc. If the deleterious genes are not present, maybe purged by preceding inbreeding, they will not do any harm. But still there are genes which show a more positive effect in the heterozygous state […]

Seeking a Consistent Breeding Theory

We try to breed the perfect working dog, and we are rather successful, but the resulting dogs are heterogeneous, often despised by those who like the beautiful dog and a homogeneous breed. We try to breed the perfect standard dog and we sometimes nearly obtain it, but its working qualities are not the very best […]