About Dr Malcolm B Willis

Dr Malcolm B Willis was born in 1935 in Yorkshire, England, and was educated at Durham University (BSc: 1956) and Edinburgh University (PhD: 1960). He spent some time as a geneticist for the Milk Marketing Board (1960-65), taught abroad from 1965-72 and is currently a Senior Lecturer in Animal Breeding and Genetics at Newcastle University (1972-date).

Dr. Willis is the author of nine books including Genetics of The Dog (1989) The German Shepherd Dog, a Genetic History (1992) and The Bernese Mountain Dog Today (1998).

He got his first dog in 1953 (a German Shepherd Dog) and has had one ever since. Dr. Willis first judged in 1959 and, currently gives CCs in German Shepherd Dogs and Bernese Mountain Dogs, having judged in ten countries. Chairman of the German Shepherd Dog Breed Council since it began in 1986, Dr. Willis is also the Chairman German Shepherd Dog League of Great Britain and President of the Northern Bernese Mountain Dog Club.

He has been awarded the Gold Medal from the Australian German Shepherd Dog Council in 1988, the Dog Writers of America Award in 1992 (for the German Shepherd Dog book).

In his spare time, Dr. Willis advises Police forces and lectures around the world. He lives with his wife Helen, German Shepherd Dogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, terriers, a chihuahua and British Shorthaired Cats.

Basic Genetic Concepts

Introduction Most of you are undoubtedly aware that color and certain diseases such as progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) are inherited – that is, passed down from one or both the parents. However, you may wonder how a trait that does not appear in the dam’s pedigree can suddenly turn up in a litter out of […]