Mating Dogs

When should I mate my bitch? Should I intervene or let them mate naturally? They had a slip mating, does it matter? These and other questions are answered in our articles.

Spermatozoa Set New Speed Record

Customs originate because they once served a need. Unfortunately, we may continue to honor tradition because we don’t know there is a better way. The patience (and backs) of a lot of breeders have been strained in efforts to insure conception through the practice of elevating a bitch’s hindquarters. We have long been advised to […]

The Stud Dog – Slip Matings, Substitutes and a Steak Aphrodisiac!

Offering your dog at stud, or promoting a stud ‘service’ may seem a simple and straight forward enough activity, but it can be laced with problems and pitfalls. Many times things DO according to plan – nature has a way of ensuring the future of the species and most dogs are (not surprisingly!) capable of […]