What is a Responsible Breeder?

A responsible breeder…

  • breeds dogs because they admire a breed, never just for money, and is dedicated to promoting and protecting their chosen breed
  • takes the responsibility of breeding dogs very seriously
  • is proud of their dogs and is always pleased to show them ALL off and talk about them
  • has spent time researching their chosen breed and pedigrees
  • cares who buys their puppies and will ask questions of any prospective purchaser to ensure they are able to provide a good, loving home for the rest of that puppy’s life
  • will explain all about the breed the prospective buyer is interested in, to ensure that it is the right breed for them
  • ensures their breeding stock is tested for any hereditary problems known to be in their breed
  • ensures all dogs and puppies in their care are well looked after and correctly socialised
  • does not continually breed from one bitch, season after season, but allows them to recover between litters
  • will help to rehome any puppy that does not work out in its new home
  • supplies at least a puppy diet and care sheet, and often a lot more, when selling a puppy
  • does not sell their puppies to a third party (dealer or pet shop), but direct to the puppy buyer Nor would they allow any of their dogs or puppies to be won in a raffle or sold at an auction
  • will ensure their puppies are wormed at the appropriate times
  • will not let their puppies leave home before seven weeks old
  • welcomes enquiries about their breed, whether or not they have puppies for sale
About Jill Terry

Jill Terry together with her husband, Ian, began exhibiting and breeding dogs in 1986 under their Kennel Club affix of Babrees. Their first breed was the Dalmatian. They then went on to breed Papillons and, finally, Canaan Dogs. They are both now retired from exhibiting and breeding dogs, but retain a keen interest in dog breeds, canine genetics and health.

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